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Unique Security Solutions

Integrated Special Forces & Operations (ISFO) is a security service provider that is uniquely positioned in the Security Industry and offers a range of unique security solutions.ISFO's security personnel are for the most part comprised ex-military personnel; of which a number of these members are ex-Special Forces trained personnel from the old South African Infantry- and SAPS elite combat fighting units.ISFO has been at the forefront of security service provision for a number of years and is a highly respected and successful security company.

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As a provider of security services in South Africa, ISFO has a proven track record in the security industry in the provision of highly successful security solutions in difficult operational and criminally laden environments where other security providers have attempted, and faltered or failed.

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The services rendered to ISFO's clients involve not only armed and unarmed guarding, but also includes:* 24hr Control Room Operations;* Electronic Surveillance; * Live CCTV and alarm monitoring;* Technical Security Services;* Alarm Response Services; and * Dog Handlers, on a national scale.

ISFO has provided all our security personnel with further PSIRA and SASSETA competency based training, to be able to render a unique security service, that delivers a new level of protection unrivalled by any other security company.




Peace Officers

Integrated Special Forces and Operations (ISFO) have commenced with a unique project to recruit and train Peace Officers that are legally certified (fitness certificate) as Peace Officers (law enforcement officers) by the SAPS, in terms of Section 334 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977, with the focus on crime prevention.

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