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Integrated Special Forces and Operations delivers innovative Security Solutions with an unswerving commitment to product and service excellence.

ABOUT US:As a provider of security services in South Africa, ISFO has a proven track record in the security industry in the provision of highly successful security solutions in difficult operational and criminally laden environments. The services rendered to ISFO's clients involve not only armed and unarmed guarding, but also includes:- Peace Officers;- 24hr control room operations;- Electronic surveillance; - Live CCTV and alarm monitoring; - Alarm response services (outsourced); and- Dog handlers, on a national scale.

ISFO QUALITY PHILOSOPHYISFO utilises a Quality Management System based on the principles of ISO 9002 /14001. Although our quality management system has not been formally accredited by the ISO; it is broadly aligned and based on the same principles as described and utilised by the International Standards Organisation.In support of the company’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Initiatives, ISFO Guarding will consistently strive to provide high quality client directed guarding solutions. We are committed to continuous, long-term improvement to meet client needs in an exceptional way. Our primary measure of success is client satisfaction.In striving to consistently deliver the best service possible Integrated Special Forces and Operations will exert every effort to:- Prioritising client interests and making quality security service to the client our primary driver and key deliverable;- Take personal responsibility for providing service that is effective, prompt, and efficient;- Meet our commitments, keeping our promises, admitting and correcting our mistakes;- Build long-term client relationships by anticipating, listening to, understanding, and meeting and exceeding our client's needs and expectations;- Demonstrate excellence in everything we do - if a task needs to be done, it needs to be done well;- Tailored service to meet individual client needs, paying particular attention to people from diverse cultures and those with special needs;- Provide service in a considered and proactive manner, collaborating to meet client needs, solve problems, and implement effective solutions.- Our intent is to earn and maintain the respect of the clients and public at large; to promote trust; and establish long terms business relationships with all our current an prospective clients.

ISFO MISSION STATEMENTWe are committed to:Providing professionally trained, PSIRA registered, motivated, disciplined, well remunerated and professionally dressed and equipped personnel with committed, skilled and hands-on management backup.Professionalism in the execution of our duties to produce a top quality service to our clients.Aspiring to a level of competence that has no equal with international standards, in all aspects of the security industry.Rejecting any service characterized by bad faith, deception, fraud, oppression, bribery or racialism. Ensuring that the foundation of our services is based on both internal and external integrity, fairness and quality control.

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