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SASSETA Accredited Training

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ISFO has a dedicated Training Division that is registered and accredited with the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) for the provision of various security training disciplines.

ISFO Training is equipped with state-of-the-art security training facilities and infrastructure in the form of:- Training offices, Lecture rooms & Training archives, - Accredited Shooting ranges, - Comprehensive practical scenario training areas (with props); - Tactical ranges (paint-ball related tactics training); - Fire-fighting areas & Parade ground.

The training services include vocationally directed training, as well as accredited competence based firearms training; with a high emphasis on application based reflexive competence.

ISFO TRAINING PROGRAMMESISFO is a PSIRA and SASSETA accredited training provider that is accredited to present the full range of security training courses such as:- Skills Programs 1-3 (“old” Security Officer Grades E-C), - 1st Line Supervisor and Supervisory Training (Grades B-A),- Firearms Training (Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle) - All combinations including Business Purposes- Generic Management Training,- Specialist Security Management (Guarding and Armed Response),- General Security Practices Qualification (NQF3),- Specialist Security Practices Qualification (NQF 4),- Reaction Officer Skills Program,- Peace Officer and Traffic Warden Training;- Control Room Operator Skills Program; and- Customized skills programs compiled according to need.

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